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Sometimes I Work in a Viking Helmet

The show at Hedge Gallery opened and has been amazing with all of the feedback I have gotten! Thank you all so much and thank you to the Hedge Gallery staff and Ohio Arts Council for making it happen. More pictures from the show opening to follow.

There’s also been some press from The Plain Dealer, Fresh Water, and Scene Magazine. The show is on view through December 23rd and I will be having a bit of a shindig on Sunday, December 11th during Cleveland Bazaar from 2pm to 6pm if you missed the opening.

In the meantime here is a little video of me working a little bit on the show…in a viking helmet.


What I Was Painting Last Year

Promo video for my book + it shows me working on what became “Ephemeral Antidotes” at Loved to Death’s Articulated Gallery in SF.

Video Promo: Behind the Scenes at the Studio

I feel all official now that my book is up on Amazon. This is the promo video, which is really just me working away in my studio I share with Shannon Okey at The Screw Factory.

So long kids, I’m off to San Francisco for 5 days for my showy-poo and other art fartin’ adventures!

What I Accomplished So Far

Yeah….this one might take a while. She’s being annoying and giving me guff lately. Stupid painting, I’ll show you!

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