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Dublin to Münster Art & Gig Whirlwind

This has to be the only time I’ve ever scheduled an art show around a concert, but it all worked out very well. I had a great time in Dublin, Ireland seeing The Jesus and Mary Chain with Mel Butler and John Butler. I was deaf in one ear for a good week after standing in front of William’s amp! There was an afterparty thrown at Garage Bar which was highly appropriate; they hosted my husband’s book party on our last trip. We also took a tour of the Caravaggio show at the National Gallery, had a private tour at Radio8 (Thanks Dan!), saw a number of bands at my favorite haunt Whelan’s, waved hello to the Prime Minister as his motorcade was off to the Hot Press party (we were invited but it conflicted with JAMC) and made the rounds at all the pubs on my list as per usual.

Then it was a flight over to Münster, Germany for my show of drawings. I’m totally in love with Münster, by the way. I like that it’s walkable, has architecture exactly how I pictured it in my mind, and the fact that there was a whole lot of candy. Everyone has a dog (or so it seems) that are welcome in all establishments. I even recognized a lot of paintings in their art museum! Easter Sunday service at the very impressive cathedral was surreal as well. I’m just glad I didn’t burst into flames upon entering. We stayed with my fabulous gallerist and his partner, where they live in a former zoo keeper’s residence, where the ape habitat once was. It was appropriately named Monkey Hill. I guess the zoo keeper had a favorite monkey that he would let drink beer. Why not?

Anyway, here’s a bunch of photos and a little bit of video. I’m sure there’s more, but this will do.





Shots from the Scott Miller show

I went on a mini adventure Friday night, attended the Scott Miller exhibition at Convivium 33 Gallery and then my usual shenanigans ensued.

I tried to take my friend to what I called, “the worst bar in Cleveland” but they had cleaned up quite a bit since my last visit. You could actually see the floor. Darn.

By the way all you Cleveland arty farty people and galleries: it seems that “Crash” aka “Dr. Pee-pee” aka “Ben Who Knows” has been making the rounds not only to art openings, but to lectures at the medical museum, law school alumni association events, invite-only charity events and CPAC grant events (which he will promptly leave once realizing no alcohol is available). I tried to get a photo of him at Convivium33 but he ran off. Please please please, don’t put up with his nonsense, and call the police the second you see him. He’s been kicked out of my studio building by security TWICE and yet he still comes back and tries to steal whole bottles of wine. Don’t know who I’m talking about? Hmmm, I think you do, he even has a Facebook “Fan” page: HERE

Current + Upcoming Art Fun Times

Current – March 30th: G40: Where Arts & Politics Collide Art Summit @ 223 23rd Street, Arlington, VA 22202. 75,000 sq. feet and 5 floors of exhibiting artists from around the world. I’ll be represented by Art Whino Gallery.

Current – April 2nd: “From Woman III” Celebrate Women’s History Month. Created by women, of women and about women @ Lakeland Community College Fine Arts Gallery in Kirtland, OH. Artists include Sandy Shelenberger and Phyllis Fannin. Curated by Mary Urbas. Artist Reception: Sunday, March 28th 2-5 PM

Current – April 17th: “Dark and Lovely” group show w/ Jack Howe, Jon Todd, Ray Ceasar, Aunia Kahn, Heather Gabel, and more @ Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ.

April 9th – 11th: SPACES Art Mart Member’s Show. Opening Reception: Friday April 9th 6-9pm $5 admission for non-members. 2220 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113

Saturday, May 1st: The Screw Factory spring open studio event, 1pm-8pm. Come poke around and see what I have going on!

Pittsburgh & Tyra

I’ll be heading down for my solo show “Splendor and Safety Pins” over at Box Heart Gallery. First stop is of course my favorite joint, Brillobox, for dinner — that way I don’t eat all the reception food! A Pittsburgh blog referred to my work as “flat and cartoony” and meant it as a compliment, but I fail to see how my work is either, really, but whatever.

In other news, the Tyra Show just called me today, and I’m not really sure why or who put them up to it. Kinda freaking me out actually. Not that I would go on it anyways, that’s just setting myself up for judgment on TV by millions of Americans, good or bad, and I don’t handle that kind of stress very well. Same reason I never applied to be on the Artist reality show Bravo was holding auditions for, it just seemed bizarre and wrong not to mention I would be forever known as, “that woman who was on that show once”. No Thanks.

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