December Arty Fun-Times

Just a quick update. I had a pretty interesting trip to Lexington, KY even though I never got around to seeing horses or touring a distillery. No photos really, but you can view for some of the scoop. The rest? Well, what happens at Club Nationals, stays at Club Nationals. At least if you get up to trouble with people like me!

I have a few small paintings up over at Loganberry Books this month.

Saturday, December 15th my studio will be open for Last Minute Market at The Screw Factory in Lakewood. I will only be around the first hour or so, but I have a few guests in my space during the day. You can view some of the newer work I’ve been doing + I’ll have some books and postcard sets for sale.

Looking forward to no travel and hibernating this winter, to say the least!


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