Things and Stuff That I Like

Lavender elixir, it goes into cocktails and is non-alcoholic so it can go into anything really. But, mostly cocktails. Created by a Cleveland lady, no less!

Gamblin Gamvar varnish. It’s pretty much the only thing I’ll need from now on. I have yet to use it on panel or wood, but on canvas and linen it has been great. It doesn’t get gross and tacky like the sprays I have been using.

Spell Cosmetics powder foundation. This is the first powder based one I’ve tried that doesn’t move around or spread on my face if it gets even slightly humid or hot. It also has a natural sunscreen built in.

Wolford thights. After the cheap Target opaque thights kept getting runs in them after 3 wears, I was pissed. Frankly, I don’t like people seeing my scar from my surgery, but also, fall has come and this gal needs a reliable pair in general. These are the same ones Emmanuelle Alt prefers, and I can see why; a bit pricey but worth it. They have many different varieties of hosiery. Watch out Donna Karan!

Theirry Mugler Angel Eau de Toilette. This is the newer softer version of the regular Angel. I was tired of my standard Dior Cherie, so while out shopping my husband, a representative, and my friend who was also my salesgal helped me pick it out. In the end, what the husband thinks is the most important, and it was down to this or Alien. Mugler scents rule in general.

Altar maker Laurie Beth Zuckerman. For years I always had an altar at every place I’ve lived — since I was about 13. The best one was at my Hollywood apartment and I can’t believe I don’t have photos, because it was bad ass! Anyways, I’m really liking her work, she has a very interesting blog with photos of her trips for research too.


2 Responses to “Things and Stuff That I Like”

  1. 1 camilla 10/12/2011 at 10:14 am

    I’m always looking for good tights. Are the Wolfords available anywhere in Cleveland or do you buy them online?

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