Artists I Like Right Now: September

Adrienne Stein




Miles Aldridge




Adrian Cox




Original Art Giveaway!


Oh hey, do you want a free piece of art by me?

I’m going to be doing a giveaway of a brand new original oil painting through my Instagram account, starting sometime this week. That’s right! Not a print, not a postcard set, not a print on canvas, but the real deal.

Follow me over at Instagram and stay tuned over there for the rules.

Don’t have an account? Well then this might be a good reason to start one, huh?

House Hunters International: The Drinking Game

I finally put together my list for the HHI drinking game! My friends and I play it and it can get dangerous depending on the couple or the city they go to. So be careful, you might die of alcohol poisoning if you watch a more than three episodes.


  • Granite
  • The master bedroom is kind of small
  • Wow, a lot of stairs (yes you are in a medieval city in Europe!)
  • How far is it to the city center?
  • It’s right in the city center but it’s kind of noisey
  • We plan on entertaining a lot
  • Where would our guests stay? (I don’t think your family will make it to Guam very often, do you?)
  • I need a space to work/write/study (It’s called a goddam couch!)
  • I’m nervous about the kids and those stairs/that railing/that indoor balcony (Are your kids morons?)
  • I don’t think I could fit my clothes in here
  • This is enough space for my closet but I don’t know where his stuff would go
  • No oven?
  • The fridge is really small, I’m used to an American-sized one
  • Open floorplan
  • It’s got a lot of light
  • It’s kind of dark
  • This certainly isn’t the style of furniture I would pick. (Proceeds to replace furniture with the most pedestrian style ever)
  • All the neighbors might be able to see me
  • But that means I’d have to take public transit!?
  • But I want old world charm
  • I want something traditional that’s modern
  • That tile has to go
  • The kitchen is really small
  • The laundry is right by the kitchen? That’s WEIRD
  • The shower is kind of small
  • I like these exposed beams
  • Double sinks
  • I can see us out here drinking coffee
  • Can I walk to the beach from here?
  • I need space to do yoga
  • I left everything, my friends and family and the only town I knew all my life all for [insert partner] so IT’S DEFINITELY GOING TO BE AN ADJUSTMENT.

Nature and Artifice: Artists I Like Right Now

Travis Bedel




Sara Cwynar




Kristen Liu




New Video: Heartworm by Ben Vendetta

Not only did we get a new website for Elephant Stone but I made a little promo video for the upcoming release of Heartworm written by my husband, Ben Vendetta.

It’s about a guy working in the music industry during the thick of the Britpop scene. His wife runs off to join a cult, but he’s sort of okay with it — until she gets into trouble. There is a parallel story weaved throughout about the Dublin band, Whipping Boy, whose album “Heartworm” plays a role. Looking at an October 15th release date and will be available in print and ebook in the US and UK. In the meantime you can read his other novel, Wivenhoe Park.


New Painting: Maria and Her Beasts

I was asked to do a portrait of my friend’s daughter and their two cats, one of whom, was nicknamed “baby horse” because he was so huge! Well, Wally died of old age shortly after I took photos of him for this painting, so I’m glad we got the ball rolling in-time to have this done. I decided to give him a fancy saddle, and placed him where he seemed to enjoy himself, outside in the garden. I wanted to go for a princess and her beasts vibe in this, which I hope I did!

This measures 11×14″ inches and is oil on panel.





This is one of those pieces that has been really difficult to photograph because of the small size and detail; I think I got the colors as close as I ever will to seeing it in person. Might be time for me to step it up and get a large format scanner.

Someone Stole My Spacemen 3?


Well I’m sad to say that all signs are pointing to this painting, “Playing with Fire” having been stolen out of my studio during a public event. Unless, my memory is SO awful that I never marked it being sold (which is unlike me), never registered who bought something that meant a lot to me, not to mention the fact I promised my husband I would never sell it! Bums me out mainly because I have no good full-length photos of it or high-resolution photos with color correction, for that matter.


If you see it anywhere in the Cleveland area, please let me know.

I suppose I could re-do it but this was sort of a time capsule; a watercolor of a scene at the place in Los Angeles I used to book bands and DJ at from 2003, and my husband’s Spacemen 3 poster from Bomp! Records added for the hell of it.

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