Ben Vendetta Book Tour, Spring 2014


Starting on Saturday is the tour for this novel. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. We’re calling this the “Dixie-Narco” tour in honor of this EP.

Many of these events are going to have DJs, drink specials, raffle prizes, and Mr. Vendetta reading or doing a Q&A session. Come for the literature and stay for the hangover!

Snaps from the Reception at BAYarts

I have to say I think that was the most packed art reception I ever had! I didn’t think so many people would come out (all the way to the westside) let alone in the rain, but there we had it! My pals K&G even flew in all the way from San Francisco and we had a fun little weekend out of it. So, thank you all who came and supported me, you know I don’t get mushy about stuff but it meant a lot on light of the events that happened this month! Honestly, at one point I was considered cancelling the show or putting it off until next year — I’m glad I didn’t.

The art talk went pretty well considering I have only done one carefully timed Pecha Kucha talk before. I think I meandered a bit in the beginning and I remember using the words “whore” a lot, but that’s why I said it was NC-17, after all! The really nice thing about the talk were the current/former Cleveland Clinic employees and those married to them all wondering why the Cleveland Clinic didn’t sponsor this show, but mainly, why haven’t I been invited to speak there? I think it wasn’t just because of the medical history points, but the fact that I am a patient there and some of the later works reflected my state of mind why regard to that whole process. Stay tuned!

Anyway, here is a mishmash of photos myself and others were able to get in the flurry of activity. I was just excited to wear high heels for the first time in a year…

The show is up until April 25th at BAYarts, minus one painting I let be taken off the wall because it was a time sensitive birthday gift. I’ll be posting all the work and the new stories eventually here and on my website.

Down To the Wire!

I finished the paintings and the stories!

I could still spend another few weeks “correcting” and tweaking them, but I guess that won’t be happening. I have never, ever, worked this close up to a show. I don’t like the feeling at all! Good thing I use Gamvar varnish that dries quickly.

Big thanks to for the interview, and The Plain Dealer for the highlight on the show opening this Friday! And, if you are not able to make it to the opening reception, never fear, as I will be giving a gallery talk on Wednesday the 9th which is sure to be entertaining. I’m considering getting a skull cake for it (or maybe a heart or a spleen), but we’ll see.


“In Scorpio” 20×20 inches oil on linen.


Raindrops Keep Falling on My Veil

Next week is my solo show, and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to complete everything that I had wanted to. We moved my supplies from the studio to home since I have limited mobility and a catheter from hell that I have to wear for 1 to 3 months. It got caught in the refrigerator door the other day and I only knew it because I tried to walk away (let that visual set in) so I’m feel super sexy right now! I also had another trip to the ER, but thankfully didn’t need to be admitted to Cleveland Clinic, again. The main thing was I got off the narcotics, because the drug combination I was given was making me a tad suicidey for about 2 weeks. My stomach and internal workings are not 100% yet, but I guess I just have to wait that out.

Despite everything, I have made some headway. Although now I wish I had drawn the compositions when I wasn’t sick, because man, I made some poor choices. I guess my main thing right now is just to finish. I know that sounds lame the way people want to just “finish” a marathon by walking it, but at this rate it’s all I have.

Here is a newbie , 20×20″ oil on linen


It about sums up the past month. No one can ever say I don’t have a work ethic.

Week of Hell

A lot has happened, and for various reasons, I cannot tell you everything in full detail.

My surgery didn’t go completely as planned, and this was a surgery no where near as complex as the one on my leg. Basically, I spent all week in the hospital (came home one night then was back via the ER) and only came home, for good, recently. I suffered intestinal shock, and then went into kidney failure! If my mom and best friend had not arrived and saw how I looked I probably would have died at home. Right now I’m living with a catheter to correct some problems — and yeah, yeah you can tell me people do that, but not typically 35 year old women — if you don’t know what a catheter is, look it up because it is as awful as it sounds.

Thanks to those of you who visited, sent gifts, and tried to relive my husband.

Thankfully I finally got an iPhone right before all this happened; I probably would have gone crazy if I didn’t have one. Although, in the hospital you are never really alone between nurses, housekeeping, room service, residents, administrators, and other people who wake you at all hours. My husband will finally be getting a cell phone now too, he’s terrified to leave me alone the next few weeks. If you didn’t know, us getting iPhones is kind of a big deal.

I won’t be updating much of here for a while, so with that, now you can follow me on Instagram.

A New Magazine for Cat Lovers!



Okay, maybe just lovers of Tina; she is kind of like Oprah, so that’s why she’s always on the cover.

It is her “birthday week” after all. She’s turning four. This is what I do when I should be doing actual work. Hey, why not?

Cancer Is Just Slightly Annoying

So as some of you may know, I’ve gotten sick again, and only now finally after almost 2 months is it being taken care of in full. I’m having 3 surgeries done at once (possibly 4 in the worst case scenario, and it’s a really bad one so I don’t even wanna think about it), and I’m hoping that will be the end of it. Sure, I’m going to have annoying side effects for some years to come, but I’ll gladly take them right now.

Despite the “greatest healthcare system” in the world, it still took the initiative of ordering my own ultrasound to find out I was in serious trouble even though I’m not even 4 years out of having cancer the last time. I’ve had 3 doctors more scared I would sue them than the fact I can’t stand up straight + am carrying a growing mass the size of a baseball in my gut; 2 oncologists; tests that were never ordered; scans that got delayed; scans that were read wrong; consent forms that went missing; orders not put in because someone went on vacation; surprise tubes shoved up my butt at 9am; giving my entire family medical history for the 6th time to a guy who was texting and getting snarky with me about the proper name of my syndrome; and having to fight to even get a prescription for the baby sissy Xanax when I freaked out crying in my car — and I’m not a crier.

Oh, did I mention I have more tests next week I have to do, and my surgery isn’t until the 28th now because someone forgot to book it? And, I was told not to pay attention to the online MyChart as for directions and schedules because it is “not accurate” and “kind of messed up” as opposed to what I’ll be getting via UPS from the actual surgical team. Man, when Cleveland Clinic can’t even have a reliable website, that’s kind of screwy!

ANYWAY, thank you all for the encouragement and mutual outrage you’ve been feeling along with me as I’ve been dealing with this bureaucratic nightmare. I don’t understand it; this has been an experience that is almost the opposite of when I had the liposarcoma. Mercury retrograde? Shitty start to the year?  Who knows? It’s actually been a really crappy 2 months for just about all of my friends. The running joke — although I’m serious about it — is for us all to take a Xanax, have a Botox party, and then go to a crappy dive in Cleveland for karaoke. That’s my idea of fun right now.

In the meantime, I’m just going to do what I need to do for my art shows and my husband’s book tour, and read some of these books. I’m so paralyzed by anxiety, anger, and a general “I Don’t Care About Anything Anymore!!!” feeling that the best I can do is just be like a catatonic 19th Century British aristocrat, and get on with it. I knew this disease wasn’t done with me the second I awoke after the surgery on my leg — I just knew it! I didn’t think I’d be back into the mix so soon, though.

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